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You Ask, We Answer: Jeep Off-Roading 101

How to Get Your Northeast Ohio Jeep Ready for Off-Road Action

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Question: “Taking my Jeep off road seems like a great way to have some fun while social distancing. What do I need to get my Jeep ready for going off road?” – M. D., Mentor, OH

Answer: M. D., you are exactly right! Taking your Jeep off road is a great way to practice social distancing, which we know is so important in 2020. Northeast Ohio has great parks and private properties that are perfect for off-road action. Here are some things you can do to get your Jeep off-road ready!


Lift It Up

There are two basic types of lift kits that you can add to your Jeep. Body lifts are the more basic of the two, and to be honest, they don’t really impact clearance but they do allow you to use larger tires. If you are really looking to add clearance and get your Jeep off the ground, a suspension kit lets you add bigger tires and also allows you to get the Jeep further away from the terrain, enabling you to explore more dense areas and really get off road!


Pop the Top

One of the reasons we love Jeeps is the fact that you can pop the top and really become one with your surroundings. There are automatic soft top kits, like the myTop power convertible top, which makes it really easy to open up your Jeep. There are also manual tops that you can remove easily, and you can even choose to have a hardtop, which can be more durable during those tough Cleveland winters.


Give It Some Flare

When you lift your Jeep using a suspension or body kit, the next thing you’ll want to do to enhance the look of your Jeep is add some fender flares. But when you are going off road, fender flares can also prevent rocks, dirt, and mud from flying up and damaging your paint job or glass. If you plan on going off road in Northeast Ohio, you’ll want to consider adding fender flares to your Jeep.


Step Into the Light

Day or night, going off road can put you into some environments where light is at a premium. Adding lights to your Jeep can help. Light bars and LED lights can enhance your vision and help you see what you are dealing with. Fog lights help if there are weather conditions like rain impeding your sight, and A-Pillar lights can be mounted high and pointed to the side to help you see into the distance! Refer to our lighting guide to see what lights might work best for your needs!


Protect Your Paint

It is a good idea to consider adding a clear vehicle paint protection to your Jeep to prevent your paint from chipping and cracking. Protective films help prevent damage when coming in contact with small debris.

The Jeep accessory experts at D&S Automotive are ready to help you get your Jeep ready for action this summer. When you want to take it off-road, we are the team you want to get you prepared. Contact us today and let’s talk about getting you off-road ready!

Get Off-Road Ready With D&S

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