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You Ask, We Answer: Jeep Fender Flares

Everything You Need to Know About Jeep Fender Flares


Question: “I’ve been told that there are some benefits to having fender flares on my Jeep that go beyond making it look great. What are the benefits of adding Jeep fender flares, and what style should I get?” – JG, Painesville Township, OH

Answer: JG, that’s a great question. Jeep fender flares are some of the most popular Jeep accessories in Northeast Ohio. They add a dimension of girth to the rear of your ride, so aesthetically they look great, but there is more to it than that. Let’s take a look at fender flares for your Northeast Ohio Jeep!


It’s More Than Just Good Looks

Fender flares look sweet—it’s hard to argue that. But fender flares help keep your Jeep looking great as well. If you drive your Jeep off-road or in rough Northeast Ohio terrain, the fender flares prevent mud, rocks, and other debris from kicking up and scratching the side of your Jeep. If you’ve spent lots of money on a new paint job, the last thing you want is an errant piece of gravel to jump up and scratch your paint.

They also help keep the body of your Jeep clean. While scratches are a worst-case scenario, mud and dirt covering the doors of your Jeep are common. Fender flares can help you reduce the dirt so you spend more time playing in the dirt and less time cleaning it off!

If you want bigger tires for your Jeep, you might need fender flares. Jeep fender flares can give you the clearance you need to accessorize your Jeep with oversized tires that can give it that aggressive look that you’re looking for.


Choose Your Style

There are two basic styles or types of fender flares for your Northeast Ohio Jeep:

Flat Fender Flares and Tubular Flares
Flat fender flares allow for greater clearance, but they can cause you to lose some of the protection offered by your stock flare that came with your vehicle. These flat flares really look great, and if you are looking to get larger tires, the flat and tubular flares can accommodate. Tubular flares give you the protection that you lose with a traditional flat flare, but that increased clearance can increase road noise.

Wide Fender Flares
Wider flares maximize the protection your doors and body can receive with a flare, making them very attractive for off-road enthusiasts. They do limit some of your clearance because they extend over the tires. They give an aggressive look and make your Jeep wider, which is often aesthetically desirable. There are limits to consider, and before purchasing your flares you do want to consult with a professional to make sure you keep your Jeep street legal while adding your accessories.


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