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Winter Vehicle Accessories

Stay warm during those cold commutes

winter automotive accessories

There is nothing worse than sitting in your frozen-solid car waiting for the engine to warm up. All of this after wiping the snow off of your windows and salting your driveway. Not to mention those big salt stains on your floor mats, providing a year-round reminder of our Northeast Ohio frigid winters.

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We’ve all been there, but now it’s time to overcome the winter season. At D&S Automotive, we offer a winter weather package perfect for Ohio winters. Bundle up for savings when you purchase a remote start and WeatherTech mats for your vehicle.  In addition to keeping you warm, allowing your car to warm up before driving helps the motor and increases the life of your vehicle and WeatherTech floor mats keep the interior of your vehicle looking nice year-round, regardless of the conditions that you bring into it.

Top Winter Vehicle Accessories


Now, for a limited time, when you purchase and install a remote start and WeatherTech mats with D&S Automotive, we will bundle them for only $439.

Other Popular Winter Accessories

With the frigid Northeast Ohio winter just around the corner, now is the time to make sure that you’re vehicle is prepared to endure the conditions. We offer high-quality winter tires, wiper blades and headlights to ensure the highest level of visibility in the snowy weather.

Stop into D&S Automotive or give us a call at 440.946.2178 to check out our wide selection of winter accessories and speak with an Accessory Specialist.