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Which LED Lights or Light Bars Are Right for Your Car?

D&S Has Options—and so Do You!

Interested in LED lighting or light bars for your truck or jeep, but you’re not sure where to start? The good news is that if you live in Northeast Ohio, D&S Automotive is a nearby LED and light bar installation expert that’s here to help.

Why Choose Led Lighting Versus Traditional Halogen Lights?
Halogen lights are less expensive and are relatively easy to install, so people often think that makes them the right choice for their car. Not so fast, my friend! LED lights are much brighter and they burn far longer than their halogen counterparts. The initial installation is a little more expensive, but over time, LED bulbs can be much more cost effective.

So, Where Should I Put My Lights?
There is no all-encompassing answer to this question. There are many different lighting options and it all depends on the driver’s everyday car usage needs. In Northeast Ohio, we have cities and farmland, so the needs of each driver varies greatly—and their lighting options do too.

Bumper Lights
This location is great for fog lights. Because they stay close to the ground, the light travels on the ground which can increase your visibility in tough weather conditions. They don’t do much to increase your vision into peripheral areas because they face the same direction as your OEM lights.

Lower Windshield Pillar Lights
These lighting mount positions help you increase visibility to the side of your vehicle. Size is everything with this position because if you use a fixture that is too large, it can inhibit your vision.

A-Pillar Lights
This lighting style gives you the maximum lighting available. The lights are mounted high and have a wide expanse that sheds light both peripherally and straight ahead as well.


So, What Kind of Lights Should I Mount Now That I Know Where I Want Them?

Driving Lights Help You on the Road

These lights work with your existing OEM lights and help you see better on the road, enhancing your vision by as much as 2X!

Spotlights Help You Focus
Just like spotlights in a Broadway theater, LED spotlights provide a long, narrow beam to penetrate into the night. They are the brightest options on the market, and they are great in open spaces.

Fog Lights Get You Through Bad Weather
Fog lights are mounted low and help you get through snow, dust, fog, and rain by providing illumination without the glare that driving lights can cause.

Now that you know your options, it’s time to head to D&S Automotive for your light bar installation. We offer LED lighting installations for your vehicle in Northeast Ohio, and our experts can walk you through every step of the process. Schedule an appointment with our experts and let us help you turn your car into the off-road, or on-road, vehicle of your dreams!

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