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What to Expect

You Have Expectations With a Collision Repair, We Have You Covered.

No one can predict when an auto accident will happen, so when your vehicle has been damaged in an accident, you might not be sure what to expect during the collision repair process.  Below is an overview of the auto body repair process at D&S Automotive:

Red Nissan with driver's side front end damage

Preparing the Collision Repair Estimate

Unlike most collision centers, D&S Automotive starts the repair process by cleaning the vehicle in order to have the best visual of the damage. After the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned, all visible damage is noted and all accident related damage is entered into the estimate.

Black audi with markings for repair

Damage Analysis

Following the visual inspection, the vehicle is meticulously disassembled and examined for any underlying damage.  It is at this point that the auto body repair estimate is completed and sent to both the customer and insurance company for review.

Welder working on front end of car

Making the Repairs

After the estimate has been approved, we order the necessary parts to complete all approved collision repairs. Once the parts are received, repairs to the vehicle begin.

Depending on the severity of the damage, vehicles visit various stations in our collision center to address specific areas of damage.  These stations focus on frame, body, and plastics.  Once all structural collision repairs have been made, the vehicle is sent to be painted, then to be reassembled.

  • Auto Body Repair

  • Paint Preparation

  • Reassembly

D&S employee washing truck tires

Final Inspection and Clean Up

Once the vehicle has been reassembled and returned to pre-accident condition, the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned once more then goes through a final inspection by management.  Upon completion of this inspection, we contact the customer to schedule a pick up appointment.