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Top 6 Winter Accessories

Winter is coming! And we’re not talking about GoT (Game of Thrones: An HBO Fantasy Show). We’re talking about Cleveland, Ohio. I don’t even want to think about snow, but it’s seriously coming. The only redeeming qualities of winter is winter sports, comfortable clothes, cozy fires and, of course, Christmas. Which gives us a couple of ideas. Stay cozy and safe this winter, not only inside your home, but also in your car!

We have so many accessories to make driving this winter safe and comfortable. Keep reading to get the scoop on our new winter promotion, which includes a FREE pre-winter inspection with every purchase!

Remote Starts – Starting at $295


We live in a region known for our frigid, snowy winters – ranking top five in the country in snowfalls and temperatures averaging below 30 degrees more than four months of the year.

There are many benefits to installing a remote starter. Often an after thought, investing in remote start installation for your car will not only bring you convenience but also added longevity of your vehicle. Remote Starters allowing your car to reach normal operating temperature in the winter which prevents wear and tear on the motor.

WeatherTech Mats – Starting at $112

weathertech-mats-w700-300x168Car interiors get messy. That’s a given. But with WeatherTech floor mats you can easily clean and protect your vehicle against unusual spills like oil or grease and normal carpet wear and tear. WeatherTech floor mats don’t just deliver ultimate protection, they are also measured using digital laser technology to guarantee a perfect fit with your vehicle’s interior surfaces for a stylish, high quality finish.

Heated Seats – Starting at $320

heated-seat-copy-w500-300x169It’s no secret that you drive better when you are comfortable; it’s a proven fact. And that’s our goal at D&S Automotive: to make you as safe and comfortable on the road as you can be. We do this by offering high-quality heated seats, leather seat upgrades and seat covers to protect your vehicle’s interior and provide you with a comfortable ride year-round.

Winter Tires

snow-tires-w500-300x169D&S Automotive features the best selection of wheels and tires in Northeast Ohio, whether for your lifted truck, off road jeep, rugged SUV or stylish sports car. Get yours for those winter months to stay safe on the road.

Wiper Blades

buying-the-windshield-wipers-that-work-perfectly-for-my-car-w500-300x169Sometimes in the winter months, wipers tend to break from the cold and ice. If you need to buy new ones, we can do that for you.



LED Lighting


Do you take your Jeep or truck off-road? Then you need to upgrade it with some solid LED Lights. D&S offers a wide variety of off road LED light bar options for all of your off-road extracurriculars.

At D&S, we provide quality LED light installation for you. No Hassle. No Worry.

Investing in off road lights for your Jeep will keep you safe by lighting up the terrain ahead. At D&S, we offer light bars, flood lights and back up lights designed to handle any trail.


If you need any winter accessories, we’re your solution! We’ll even give you a FREE pre-winter inspection with Winter Accessory purchases. Call us to make an appointment and come in for your upgrades.

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