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Top 5 Lift Kit vs Leveling Kit Questions

Clearing Up The Confusion

Lift Kit vs Leveling Kit

Lift Kit vs level kit

Let’s start with the big one


Lift Kit vs Leveling Kit What’s the Difference?

  • When it comes to function they are both pretty much the same. Both lift and leveling kits increase the distance between the body and the axles to fit larger tires and increase ground clearance. It’s really the “how” that is different.

How Do Leveling Kits work?

  • Generally speaking Leveling Kits do just that. They Level the front of your vehicle with the stock height of the rear. This is usually a 1-2” lift and usually requires only spacers or torsion keys to achieve a level stance.

How Do Lift Kits Work?

  • A Lift Kit does what the name implies, they lift your vehicle from 2” to 10”+ depending on how custom you want your Lift Kit to be. Lift Kits usually require a lot more parts than just leveling, such as new springs, shocks, control arms, struts, and whatever else might be needed for your specific vehicle’s kit.

Is There a Cost Difference Between a Lift Kit vs Leveling Kit?

  • Absolutely. Lift Kits are usually more expensive than Leveling Kits due to the extra parts included. A basic Leveling kit includes some strut spacers and hardware to install them. Lift Kits, on the other hand, come with a vast assortment of parts, such as spacers, struts, shocks, control arms- all contributing to the higher price. D&S customers can finance the Lift Kit or Leveling Kit of your dreams through our E-Commerce Site.

Finally, What’s Best for my Vehicle?

  • If you mainly use your vehicle to tow rig or as an utility vehicle, you’re probably just looking for a leveling kit. If you want to have a high-in-the-sky show truck, or are somebody who isn’t afraid of deep water or mud, go hunting in the boonies, or enjoy off-roading, then a lift kit is more your speed. Which ever you choose lift kits and leveling kit are one of the few modifications that is sure to add style and value to your vehicle.

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