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Tips To Avoid Distracted Driving

Distraction is a factor in 80% of vehicle crashes.

The summer season means more cars, motorcycles, bikers and pedestrians out on the road. In a world of distractions, it’s imperative to practice safe driving at all times. The safety of you and your passengers is important to us; that’s why we want to help you avoid distracted driving.

1. Put smart phones and devices away and out of sight. no+texting
Seriously. It can wait.

2. Can’t resist? Turn your smart device off altogether.
Turn your phone off until you reach your destination, completely preventing any kind of cellular distraction.

3. Look up directions and plan your driving route before you get in the car.
If have you to read directions or look at a map, pull over.

4. Listen to your GPS or navigation system.
Listen to the audio directions, don’t read them.

5. Practice defensive driving.
Pay attention to other drivers on the road and drive defensively, just in case.

2061WomanCar10px6.  Don’t eat while driving.
If you plan to stop for food, allow enough time to eat in the restaurant or parking lot.

7. Don’t tend to any physical grooming while driving.
Any makeup application, grooming or sprucing up should be done before you get in the car. If you are running late, wait until you arrive at your destination.

8. Keep passengers to a minimum.
The more people in the car, the more likely you are to be distracted.

9. Don’t touch the radio.
Pick a station before you begin driving, and keep it there! The road is more important than the radio

10. Stay Focused.
It sounds obvious, but it’s easy to get lost in thought while driving. Do your best to only focus on the task at hand.

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