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Three Reasons to Add Heated Seats This Winter

Take Your Driving Experience to the Next Level of Comfort and Luxury

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If you’ve ever ridden in a friend’s car and enjoyed the experience of having a heated seat on a cold winter day, the idea of adding heated seats to your own vehicle may have crossed your mind. Heated seats are one of our most popular aftermarket vehicle upgrades for a good reason: Northeast Ohio drivers know that we spend many months of the year driving in frigid conditions. In this climate, you’ll have many opportunities to press that heated seat button!


Improve your comfort while driving.

No one likes climbing into a cold driver’s seat in the early hours of the morning. Even if your car is parked under cover or in a garage, the freezing temperatures we experience in Greater Cleveland can permeate your vehicle. When you have heated seats, you can warm up your seat as your car is also warming up—and that’s a much better, and more comfortable, way to start your commute.


Get luxury at an affordable price.

You might think that upgrading to heated seats is out of your price range, but this common aftermarket upgrade won’t break the bank. At D&S Automotive, the price per seat varies by vehicle model and year but starts at $350 a seat (We also offer a 10 percent discount for Farm Bureau members and United States veterans).


Stay safer on the road.

Let’s face it: If you’re shivering and wearing bulky gloves and a heavy winter coat just to stay warm in your vehicle, you’re likely a bit distracted by the cold. And as you—and your vehicle—do eventually start to warm up, you may be tempted to try to remove your coat and gloves while you’re still on the road. When you have heated seats installed, you can warm your seat up before you even start your drive. This means you can leave bulky winter gear on the seat beside you and eliminate the distraction of removing layers while you’re on the road.

Is this winter when you’ll finally upgrade your vehicle to heated seats and experience a new level of comfort and luxury on the road? Let us know if you’re interested in learning more about the process or if you’re ready to schedule your heated seat installation service at D&S Automotive.

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