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Top 5 Safety Tips for Busy Moms – Don’t Forget Baby in the Car!


  1. Put your purse in the back seat (Take your keys out first!)

By putting your purse in the backseat, you’ll be sure to check the back seat before exiting the car. Placing anything back there that you will need, wallet, phone, etc. will work! However, don’t leave your keys where your child can reach them (Refer to #4).

  1. Put a Teddy Bear in the front seat to remind you of baby

The Teddy Bear reminds you that your child in the car. It’s a subtle reminder to take your child with you.

  1. Ask your child care provider to call if baby doesn’t show up.

Some days you can completely forget everything, including dropping off your kid at daycare! Asking your child care provider to call you if you don’t show up can help you to not forget your child in the backseat.

  1. Keep keys out of the child’s reach!

Children can lock themselves inside the car if given access to keys. I’ll tell you from experience – it happens! The only way to get them out includes calling the police and having them pop the lock on the door. This could also potentially cause damage to your vehicle.

  1. Stay focused! Life can become hectic. Be sure to focus on baby at all times.

Staying focused is hard, especially what you have so many things going on in your life. Forgetting about baby can be really easy. Don’t forget our tips and you can stay focused on your child. Be prepared, stay focused and keep baby safe in the car.

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