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Technician Spotlight: Mike D’Amico

At D&S Automotive, we couldn’t do what we do without our talented employees. They deserve recognition and we want you to get to know our team!

Name: Mike D’Amico
Location: D&S Automotive – West Mentor
Job Title: Body Technician
Tenure with Company: 20 Years
Industry Experience: 25 Years

Mike D’Amico is a long-time technician at D&S Automotive. Body technicians perform the structural and body repairs on the vehicle to get it back to not only looking like new, but also restoring the safety and integrity of the vehicle.

mike d'amico
auto body technician working under the hood


How did you get started in the automotive industry?

The Guidance Counselor in High School suggested I try auto body. At first, I thought I would be a mechanic but after taking auto body classes at Riverside for four years, I absolutely fell in love with the trade.

What is your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part of what I do is framework and welding. Welding is an art and I have a lot of fun doing it, while framework is a lot of fun as well!

What do you wish more people, especially students in high school, knew about the profession?

I wish more students understood the potential to make a good living in the industry. If you put the time in to learn the trade and gain efficiency, you can make a lot of money. Growth in this area will come with time and experience so just be patient and keep at it. Your efficiency and earnings will grow with experience. I feel the auto body career path option should be communicated more to students in High School so they are aware of it as an option.

Just for fun, what is your dream car?

I would love to have a 2018 Porsche 911 Turbo in Ocean Blue.

We look forward to introducing you to more of our awesome employees! Until next time, stay tuned!

Technician Spotlight

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