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Should I Install Heated Seats in My Vehicle Myself?

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Q: I am thinking about heated seats for my truck. Can I do that myself? What do I need to know about picking the right seat? Is there anyone that installs heated seats near me?  – NW, Ohio

A: In Northeast Ohio, heated seats are no longer considered a luxury, they are nearly standard equipment. There are many options from which to choose. No matter which one you select, installing a heated seat should only be done by professional accessory specialists like the team at D&S Automotive. As for what you need to know, let’s start with some basics.

You ask, and we answer all your questions about heated seats for your vehicle

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How does a heated car seat work?

Believe it or not, a heated car seat isn’t much more complex than a heating pad you might apply to an injury. A heating coil is placed below the seat cushion and electricity passes through it. As the electricity flows through the coil, it is resisted which causes the friction that then produces heat. When the seats are turned on, the electricity flows into the coil from a circuit, and it is a very small amount – only enough to start the formation of a magnetic field. That field then flips a switch called a relay, and the seats begin to receive energy directly from the car’s battery. So, how does the seat know when to shut the heat off?

A thermostat regulates the temperature. If the coils just continued to stay hot and receive power, they would eventually cause a fire and damage not only your car but you in the process! The thermostat shuts off power to the coils by switching off the relay once the temperature hits a certain mark. Once the temperature gets too low, the relay will switch back on and the power from the battery will begin to reheat the seats.

How hard is a heated car seat to install?

The answer is difficult. In many instances, the seat cushion is glued to the cover on a seat that does not have the heater installed. You can imagine how tedious the process would be for a do-it-yourselfer to try to address that situation. In those cases, the heating coil pads might have to be installed under an additional seat cover, and if you aren’t a professional, that job can be a difficult one to pull off, especially if you want your seat to look good when it’s done. If done incorrectly, a shoddy seat cover replacement can cause the seat belt sensors to malfunction. Simply put, installing your own heated seat is a tedious and difficult process. It should be left to professionals due to safety.

Can you install a seat heater in a cloth seat or does it have to be leather?

You can absolutely introduce a heated seat option with a cloth seat. Traditionally, we think of leather or ventilated seats with heat. This is because, with leather seats, you almost have to have heating and cooling elements to adapt to temperature changes. Leather can get very hot in summer and keep you freezing in the winter; so, many owners of vehicles with leather have heated seats. Nevertheless, cloth options are becoming more and more popular and you can definitely install heated seats in cloth seats. Leather heaters might cost a little more because of the fabric, and that is something to keep in mind as you make your decision.

So how much does it cost to have heated seats installed near me?

That’s a great question and one that we hear often. Our heated seats start at around $310 per seat. That price can vary by make and model. Seat fabric also impacts that pricing. We do offer discounts for military veterans and Farm Bureau members. When you think of how long it would take you to install the seats yourself, plus the risks involved (namely fires) if you improperly install the seat warmer, it just makes sense to have a professional do it for you. Spend time inside by a warm fire rather than in a garage or driveway installing warmers!

So how do I get heated seats installed?

We are just a click away! Contact D&S Automotive today to schedule an appointment for installation. Heated seats make a great holiday gift, and in Northeast Ohio, they are the perfect way to show that you care. Couple the heated seats with a remote start kit and some WeatherTech floor mats, and you can get your loved one’s vehicle winter-ready!

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