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Should I Install A Leveling Kit On My Jeep?

An Affordable Alternative to Lift Kits

Q: “As a new Jeep owner, friends have been asking whether I plan to install a lift or leveling kit on my Jeep. I am not really sure if I should, especially since I do not plan to do much off-roading. Any advice?” KD, Mentor, OH

A: Thanks for your question, KD! Before you consider the options for lifting or leveling your Jeep, think about what you would be trying to achieve. Do you just want to give your Jeep a different look and increase its aesthetic appeal, or do you also want to improve its performance and upgrade its suspension? Because you mentioned you do not do much off-roading, a leveling kit may be a good option.

Let us talk more about leveling kits for Jeeps in general.


What Makes a Leveling Kit Different From a Lift Kit?

Both leveling and lift kits will raise the body of your Jeep. While a lift kit can raise your entire Jeep up to 6 inches, a leveling kit provides just a small increase in suspension height. Think of it this way: Lift kits, both body lifts and suspension lifts, will allow you to run larger tires. Suspension lift kits in particular will give you more ground clearance for off-roading. Leveling kits are less of a lift and more of a boost. They will raise your Jeep’s suspension height slightly to allow you to upgrade to larger wheels and tires.

We find most people who select a leveling kit are doing so mainly to improve the look of their Jeep—and there is nothing wrong with that!


Which Is More Affordable? Lift or Leveling Kits?

The price for lift and leveling kit installations at D&S Automotive start at $580 but vary by vehicle model, vehicle year, and accessory manufacturer. Again, if you do not plan to take your Jeep off-road, it makes sense to select a leveling kit rather than a more expensive lift kit. Typically, leveling kits are more affordable due to the fact that they are more simple and less involved to install than a lift kit.


How Does D&S Automotive Install a Leveling Kit?

We help you choose the right size kit for your Jeep, and then we carefully install the components. Without proper alignment, your Jeep’s suspension may not handle well and you would likely see some wearing of the tires. Following our professional install, we will perform a vehicle alignment to make sure your Jeep is ready to hit the road again.

The team at D&S Automotive is happy to speak with you in person and help you decide if installing a leveling kit is a good option for your Jeep. Make sure you also check out all of the accessories available to enhance and improve your Jeep’s look and performance.

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