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Should I Get a Remote Starter for My Car?

Understanding the Benefits of Remote Starts

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We hear this question being discussed by customers a lot: Should I get a remote starter for my car? A remote start is not a necessity, but having one can truly be life-changing for drivers in cold climates like here in Northeast Ohio. The best way we can answer your question about whether to get a remote starter is by having you consider some questions of our own:

Do you wish your car could already be the ideal temperature when you get inside?

On a cold winter day in Chardon, sliding into your driver’s seat and gripping the freezing steering wheel can be brutal. By the time you get to your destination across town, your car’s interior has barely begun to warm. Likewise, in the summer, no one likes to sit down on a scalding hot leather seat and barely be able to touch the steering wheel. With a remote start, both of those experiences can be avoided! Your engine will start and bring your car to the ideal temperature before you even open the door.

Are you concerned about your car’s security against theft?

When your only option to preheating or cooling your car is to leave the keys in the engine, you may be hesitant to leave your car. That’s why having a remote starter offers extra security. While your engine starts remotely, your doors remain locked until you use your key to unlock them. This eliminates the risk of theft that can easily occur if you leave the keys in your car. You don’t have to choose between comfort or security—you can have both.

Do you want to boost your vehicle’s resale value?

Installation of a remote starter in your vehicle can boost its resale value, especially here in Ohio where we tend to experience both temperature extremes: frigid winters and scorching summers. If you are thinking of installing a remote start, consider that it not only improves your quality of life, but it could improve your vehicle’s sales value later on.

D&S Automotive can install a remote start in your vehicle in only 3–5 hours, with prices starting at $350. Take a closer look at available remote start options and pricing, then give us a call or schedule your appointment for an estimate online.

October 19th through November 2nd, D&S is giving you a chance to enter into our remote start giveaway where one winner will be chosen at random at the end to receive a FREE remote start and installation!

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