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Repair Authorization Form Part 3 of 3 (Progressive)

Work Authorization Form - Progressive

MM slash DD slash YYYY

I choose and designate the above-referenced Repair Facility as listed to manage the repairs of my vehicle through completion.

As my designee, the Repair Facility may:   1. Complete repair work;   2. Drive my vehicle and/or authorize the other repair facilities or insurance representatives to drive my vehicle for the purpose of pick-up, repairing, inspecting, testing and/or delivery;   3. Coordinate, authorize and approve work that may be completed by other repair facilities as necessary to return my vehicle to its pre-loss condition.

An estimate may be prepared based upon the use of one or more aftermarket crash parts supplied by a source other than the manufacturer of your motor vehicle. Warranties applicable to these aftermarket crash parts are provided by the parts manufacturer or distributor rather than by your own motor vehicle manufacturer. Signature: