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Remote Start

At D&S, we provide quality Remote Start installation for you. No Hassle. No Worry.

We live in a region known for our frigid, snowy winters – ranking top five in the country in snowfalls and temperatures averaging below 30 degrees more than four months of the year.  Not only do we get cold weather, but it gets hot here as well, with temperatures that rise above 90 degrees. Remote start is a coveted accessory during the winter months, but it also has benefits that last the entire year.  With a remote start you can get your car to that perfect temperature during any season prior to getting in.

There are many benefits to installing a remote starter. Often an after thought, investing in remote start installation for your car will not only bring you convenience but also added longevity of your vehicle. Remote Starters allowing your car to reach normal operating temperature in the winter which prevents wear and tear on the motor.

Interested in a Remote Start Installation for Your Vehicle?

At D&S Automotive, we are quality driven. That is why we put great care into your remote start installation to make sure that it is done right. Just drop off your vehicle or wait in our comfortable waiting area and pick it up transformed and ready to go.

  • Remote Start Installations start at $350*
  • 3 – 5 hour installation time

* varies by vehicle model,  vehicle year, and accessory manufacturer.

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At D&S, we offer various remote starter installations to fit your lifestyle. Whether you want basic remote start capability from your office or home, remote start convenience with added security, or the ability to start, control or locate your vehicle from your phone, we’ve got you covered.


Check out our remote starts frequently asked questions. If you still need more information, visit our showroom at 7588 Tyler Boulevard in Mentor to speak with an accessory specialist or call 440.946.2178.  We can also be reached via our online quote.

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