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The Benefits of a Remote Start

By now, I’m sure that you’ve heard about our remote start giveaway. If you haven’t, now would be a great time to enter! But in honor of this big promotion, we wanted to run through the benefits of having a remote start installed in your vehicle.


There are plenty of benefits to allowing your car to warm up for a few minutes before driving when the weather is especially cold or snowy. Cars get worse fuel economy when it’s especially cold out; they are at least 12 percent less fuel efficient. It takes longer for the engine to reach its optimal driving temperature in the frosty Cleveland winters. It is also important to get the oil and other fluids pumping in your car in the winter mornings, as they can settle and not flow efficiently through your vehicle until it has warmed up for several minutes.

Another big hazard is visibility. When it snows hard, your car will typically be covered in inches and inches of snow or, even worst, a thick layer of ice on the windows. In some cases this is too thick to simply scrape off (or you just don’t want to do it), and that is a good reason to let your car warm up for several minutes before attempting to drive.

Also, if you want to avoid the cold while protecting your engine from harm, a remote start is a great option for you. Let your car warm up while you are warm inside your home, and then move right into a warm car (maybe with some heated seats as well?) Check out our inventory of remote starts and heated seats to make your winter a little more bearable!

But one thing that people often forget is that remote starts aren’t just for the winter; they’re incredibly useful in the summer as well. Rather than roasting on your hot leather seats after a long day at work or the beach or wherever you spend your days, let your car cool down before you drive in it.

So invest in your vehicle, and allow the benefits and comfort to change your commutes forever. Contact us if you are interested in incorporating this in your vehicle!

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