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Popular Truck and Trailer Hitches

Choosing Between Gooseneck, Fifth Wheel, and Receiver Hitches


No matter what you plan on hauling—a horse trailer, boat, or tractor—you need quality and durable tow hitch installation. D&S Automotive provides a variety of hitches and towing accessories to meet your needs and will handle the installation efficiently with great care and attention to detail.

If you are not sure what you need, you can always speak with one of our accessory specialists to select the best hitch to handle your job. However, we thought it would be helpful to break down the key differences between the most common types of truck and trailer hitches: gooseneck, fifth wheel, and receiver.


Gooseneck Hitches

Gooseneck hitches are primarily used with gooseneck trailers. The gooseneck ball hitch connects to the trailer in the bed of your truck. The term gooseneck refers to the extended neck of the trailer that extends over your truck bed. This type of hitch is undermounted to the truck bed and bolted to the frame with brackets. Most of the hitch is hidden below your truck bed.

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Fifth Wheel Hitches

This type of hitch is a hinged flat plate design with a horseshoe shape. Generally, fifth wheel hitches are used for heavier loads than gooseneck hitches. Fifth wheel hitches are mounted above your truck bed, providing additional stability and security. Think of this hitch as similar to the type used by large semi-trucks. Most users of this hitch are hauling a recreational trailer like a camper or a horse trailer.

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Receiver Hitches

Receiver hitches are designed for specific vehicle types and bolted to the underside of your truck at the rear. You will select the best receiver for your truck based on five standard hitch classifications, depending on the weight of the load you are looking to haul.

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Choose D&S Automotive for Quality Tow-Hitch Installation

If you would like D&S Automotive to help you select the best hitch for your truck and your intended load, please reach out to our team. Our experienced automotive specialists can also provide high-quality tow hitch installation. We’re here to help!

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