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Off-Road Lighting 101: Spotlights


Jeep off-roading in mud

Any off-road enthusiast understands that lighting is everything. Selecting the right lighting for your Jeep or truck is the first step to a safe off-roading experience for you and others. We have talked about the use of fog lights for maximum visibility off-road and driving lights for greater visibility on the road. Now, we want to talk about another popular type of off-road motor vehicle lighting: spotlights.  


What Is a Spotlight?

The term spotlight is sometimes used to refer to a variety of lighting types, including fog lights and driving lights. Generally, a spotlight is used to direct a beam of light to a specific location—just think about how spotlights are used on a stage during a concert or performance. Spotlights are often mounted on a bull or notch bar on the front of a vehicle. 

Pros of Spotlights:

  • Extremely focused light
  • Ability to illuminate a long distance
  • Variety of protector options to protect the light from damage
  • Variety of filter options to change beam patterns in fog and other conditions

Cons of Spotlights:

  • Limited mounting options compared to other lighting types, like light bars


Spotlights vs. Driving Lights

While driving lights come in both low-beam and high-beam varieties, spotlights are typically a high-beam, focused light intended to illuminate a great distance. This produces a much higher concentration of light than other lighting options. Used together, driving lights and spotlights can be a great combination for off-road vehicles. Unlike driving lights, spotlights are not intended for use on the highway—their use should be limited to commercial, agricultural, or racing environments.


Does Your Vehicle Need Spotlights?

We recommend incorporating spotlights as part of your overall off-road lighting setup. Using a combination of spotlights, driving lights, and fog lights, your vehicle will be fully illuminated and ready to handle whatever conditions come your way while off-roading. 


Selecting Off-Road Lights for Your Vehicle

Our team of experienced accessory specialists is very familiar with the many different off-road lighting options on the market today. We can help you shop for spotlights, driving lights, fog lights, and other off-road lights for trucks and Jeeps. Let’s get your vehicle fully outfitted for maximum visibility and safety. Reach out today or stop in our Mentor Collision Center.

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