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Off-Road Lighting 101: Fog Lights

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Whether you are an avid off-roading enthusiast or a relative newcomer to the pastime, you likely know that lighting is an essential aspect of safe off-roading. Many truck and Jeep owners choose to supplement the standard or factory lighting on their ride with off-road lighting options like fog lights, driving lights, light bars, and floodlights. Today we are going to focus on the first option: fog lights.

Fog lights are ideal for off-roading because they illuminate the road immediately ahead and help to warn you of any oncoming traffic. In an unpredictable off-road environment, the ability to see clearly and far ahead of you is so important. Fog lights also maximize your vehicle’s own visibility to other drivers.


How to Select the Best Off-Road Fog Lights

Like with any lighting option, you will need to make selections based on the specific make and model of your vehicle. Some considerations include:

  • Color Temperature: Blue light can illuminate the dust or particles in the air, making it harder to see clearly. Some off-roaders prefer amber, or yellow, light, which works best in foggy or snowy conditions.
  • Ease of Installation: We recommend leaving the installation of your fog lights to the accessory specialists at D&S Automotive; however, if you plan to install the lights yourself, make sure that you are capable of doing so safely and accurately.
  • Compatibility: Keep in mind that most fog lights are designed to be mounted on your vehicle’s bumper. While some vehicles have spaces for fog lights, others have a bumper design that can make the lights difficult to install.
  • Cooling Features: Many fog lights are now LED. While the brightness and longevity are unparalleled, LED bulbs can easily become hot. Some LED fog lights will have built-in cooling features designed to keep the bulbs from overheating.
  • Beam Distance: Some fog lights offer a wide horizontal beam and others are vertical. Think about what type of visibility you hope to gain from the fog lights when selecting your product.


Driving Lights vs. Fog Lights

Sometimes beginner off-roaders have difficulty choosing between driving lights and fog lights for their vehicle. Driving lights—which usually come in either a low-beam or high-beam variety—are meant to supplement your headlights. They are mounted like headlights but are designed to reach farther and be brighter, providing a high degree of visibility along the trail.

In comparison, fog lights produce wider and shorter beams and are meant to illuminate as much of the road as possible. While driving lights are mounted like headlights, fog lights are mounted closer to the ground, below the headlights.


Selecting Fog Lights for Your Vehicle

The experienced accessory specialists at D&S Automotive are here to help you outfit your truck or Jeep with the best possible off-road lights. Shop for fog lights in our accessory department with their guidance, and enhance your vehicle’s visibility and safety before you head off-road.

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