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Off-Road Lighting 101: Driving Lights

truck with its fog lights turned on

Lighting is an essential component of any off-roading experience. Without proper, adequate lighting, you cannot see clearly—and that can put you and others around you at risk. We recently talked about the importance of fog lights to maximize your vehicle’s visibility in unpredictable off-road environments. Next, we want to talk about another popular off-road lighting option: driving lights. These lights are ideal for off-roading but also give your vehicle greater visibility on the road.


How Are These Off-Road Lighting Options Different?

Avid off-roaders will use both driving lights and fog lights. Both types of lighting produce different beams and levels of visibility that are important for safe off-road driving.

Mounting Location

  • Driving lights are mounted on your vehicle’s grill.
  • Fog lights are mounted low on the front bumper.

Beam Pattern

  • Driving lights illuminate an area further and wider than fog lights. They are designed to supplement your headlights.
  • Fog lights project a beam of light directly into the immediate pathway ahead. They do not catch the fog, rain, or dust particles in the air that can make it hard to see at night.



Shop for Off-Road Lighting at D&S Automotive

Are you looking for the best Jeep driving lights? Or are you wondering what driving lights are right for your truck? D&S Automotive is proud to offer our clients some of the top-performing brands in off-road lighting, including lights from KC and Rigid Industries. KC provides street-legal lights using LED technology to increase your vehicle’s visibility without interfering with others on the road. Rigid Industries specializes in versatile lighting solutions also using the latest enhancements in LED technology. We would love to share more information about all of our available driving lights for your truck or Jeep and invite you to reach out to one of our accessory specialists today.


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