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New Vehicle Accessories: Accessorizing On A Budget


Today, automotive accessories can be as important as the automobile itself. With the option to add a wealth of parts and accessories to a brand new vehicle to enhance both its appearance and its performance, who doesn’t want to drive something bigger, better, faster?

Of course, such features come at a price, leaving customers with a decision to make: To install Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts at the time of purchase, from the dealership? Or to make the upgrades later, at an independent aftermarket dealer, like D&S Automotive?

Before you spend all your money in one day at the dealership and pay more for a manufacturer-branded product, it is important to know the facts and weigh your options. In order to make an informed decision, D&S wants you to be aware of the differences in price, quality and variety when considering OEM and aftermarket parts.

Aftermarket prices tend to be less expensive than dealership prices. However, a cheaper price does not mean a cheaper product. Since you can only purchase OEM parts through a dealership, they can charge a premium. The aftermarket industry has a lot more competition; thus, it offers high quality parts at much more competitive prices. Purchasing from D&S also gives you more time to save for the auto accessories and the brands that you really want for your vehicle.

EXAMPLE: Honda Civic LX
All-Weather floor mats >>> $142.00 from Honda OR $179.90 from D&S 

Remote Start >>> $399.00 from Honda OR $340.00 from D&S
Wheels – 16” >>> $1,676.00 from Honda OR $806.00 from D&S
Wheels – 17” >>> $1,822.00 from Honda OR $896.00 from D&S

Although you run the risk of finding less-than-satisfactory aftermarket auto products, most independent dealers install high quality products. In fact, many aftermarket dealers carry adjusted and improved upon versions of OEM parts.

D&S uses only the best brands and installs the highest quality accessories available. [View full list of our accessories here.] Our staff of well-trained technicians not only complete all updates, but they also know and understand [the intricacies] of each part and product they handle. Since all upgrades are done in-house, D&S guarantees affordable prices, quality products and satisfactory service.

Unlike a dealership, an aftermarket accessory dealer offers a wide catalog of options to its customers. Whether you are seeking a trailer hitch or rain guards, D&S offers product choices that vary in quality, style, and price to suit your vehicle.  An aftermarket dealer’s extensive product catalog allows you to get exactly what you want for your vehicle, without being restricted to a dealership’s conclusive list.

With affordable prices, quality products and a variety of accessories to choose from, D&S Automotive can tailor to your customization needs all at once, or a little bit at a time.

EXAMPLE: Ford F150 XLT Super Cab (Short Bed)
Bedliner >>> $475.00 from Ford OR $475.00 from D&S

Remote Start >>> $1,595.00 OR $400.00 from D&S
Tonneau Cover (hard) >>> $995.00 from Ford OR $895.00 from D&S
Wheel Well Liners >>> $180.00 OR $160.00 from D&S
5” Tube Running Boards >>> $635.00 from Ford OR $504.00 from D&S
Wheels– 18” >>> $2,395.00 from Ford OR $1,910.00 from D&S

Independent aftermarket dealers allow you to make more strategic additions to your vehicle, only installing a certain accessory or part when you need or want it.  For example, let’s say you purchase a new truck and you own a boat; if you buy your truck in the fall, you may not need a hitch to tow your boat until the following spring.  Purchasing that hitch through an aftermarket accessory dealer such as D&S allows you to save the money up front and add the accessories later.

On the other hand, what about products you don’t want to wait for, like all-weather floor mats?  Instead of paying $150-300 for lackluster floor mats at the dealership, you can pay less at D&S for WeatherTech floor mats, the industry leader in auto interior floor protection.

The bottom line? D&S can customize your vehicle exactly how you want it, when you want it. All at a more affordable price than a dealership will offer. Come talk to an accessory specialist today!

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