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This February, why not show your one constant companion some love? Yes, we are talking about your truck! D&S Automotive has all the upgrades and accessories you need to enhance your truck’s look, feel, and function.

Fender Flares

Talk about a perfect match! Fender flares are installed over your truck’s wheel wells and fit like they are an extension of your vehicle. We also match the contour of the flares to the body lines of your vehicle’s specific make and model. Flares add an extra layer of protection and safeguard your truck’s exterior against road debris like mud, gravel, and other liquids.

Lift Kits

If you have not lifted your truck yet, what are you waiting for? Lift kits increase your truck’s off-road capacity and improve off-road performance. Whether you want to get into some serious off-roading or you just want a slight lift to change the attitude of your truck, D&S Automotive will help you select the right lift kit for your truck.

Tonneau Covers

These truck bed covers have a fancy name, but there is nothing complicated about their function. The word tonneau comes from the French word for a barrel or container. Long ago, before motor vehicles existed, the tonneau referred to the open-air cargo structure on the back of a horse-drawn carriage. As you can see, that name stuck around. Install a tonneau cover on your truck to protect your load and add coverage to the truck bed. As an added bonus, a tonneau cover can reduce aerodynamic drag—which, in turn, can reduce your fuel mileage.

Rhino Linings

There is no better way to give your truck some TLC than with a spray-on bed liner. D&S Automotive has been installing Rhino Lining for more than 20 years, offering our clients in Northeast Ohio superior protection for their trucks. After all, your truck is your pride and joy; do not let the bed get scratched and corroded over time. Rhino Linings offer a water-tight and air-tight coating which, unlike plastic drop-in liners, stops rust and corrosion.

The technicians at D&S Automotive’s Mentor location can provide you with expert assistance on selecting the right accessories and upgrades for your truck. Reach out with any questions or for guidance.

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