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Guide to Choosing Wheels for Your Jeep

Selecting Jeep and Rims Wheel Modifications

a jeep tireIf you love taking your Jeep Wrangler off-roading in Northeast Ohio, you will want to upgrade your Jeep’s stock wheels eventually. Bigger wheels and rims not only elevate the style of your Jeep, but they can offer you better durability, performance, and handling both on and off the pavement—and that means a safer and more enjoyable off-roading experience. D&S Automotive offers a wide selection of Jeep wheels for you to choose from to take your Jeep’s resilience and style to the next level.

Think about your desired look. When you consider that the factory wheel size on newer Jeep models is typically 17-18 inches, a simple upgrade in size can alter your vehicle’s entire look and function. Generally, all Jeep models can handle up to a 31-inch wheel. Jeep Wranglers can typically handle up to 33-inch wheels, but any sizes larger will require a lift kit modification.

Consider where you plan to drive. Will you stick to paved roads and highways, or opt for more rugged terrain? The standard for most Jeeps is all-terrain tires, designed for use on and off the road, or mud-terrain tires, which are designed to grip snow, mud, and other more difficult types of terrain. There are also tire options for snow and sand, depending on where your off-roading experience will take you.

Know your measurements. Because there are different Jeep makes and models, from the Wrangler and Compass to the Grand Cherokee, not all wheels and rims are created equal. It is important to know your measurements before you shop. These are a few that will be important to note:

  • Bolt pattern: This is how the rim of your wheel is mounted to the wheel hub.
  • Rim size: You will need to match the diameter of your rim and wheel; be mindful of the manufacturer’s guidelines for rim width on your specific Jeep model.
  • Lug nut size: The lug nut is a fastener used to secure the wheel to your Jeep. You will want to know the size and spacing between the lug nuts.
  • Hub center bore: This is the location of the hole in the middle of the wheel hub.

Talk to a Jeep wheel and accessory expert

If you are feeling nervous about getting the measurements right, an automotive accessory expert can help you select appropriate wheels for your specific Jeep model and year.

D&S Automotive is able to get and install Jeep wheels from top brands like XD Series, KMC Wheels, Fuel Off-Road, ATX Series, Lorenzo, Motegi Racing, and American Racing. When you find a wheel you like from one of these brands, let us know and we will take care of it from there. Our experienced technicians perform professional Jeep wheel installation in Northeast Ohio. Count on us to take your Jeep to the next level with new wheels and rims.

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