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Insuring Aftermarket Parts

Let’s talk auto insurance. Everyone has it, but do you know what your policy covers? For example, did you know that most auto insurance policies do not cover aftermarket accessories or performance parts?

It’s possible that you’ve had thousands of dollars’ worth of accessories added to your vehicle. Those investments need to be insured, and D&S Automotive can tell you how to acquire it.

Performance parts and aftermarket accessories are defined by the insurance agency as any aftermarket parts added to the vehicle in order to increase its performance or appearance in any way. They are all the parts on your vehicle that the Original Manufacturer did not install, such as a lift kit, LED lighting, a sun roof, or a Rhino Liner, to name a few.?

Performance parts and aftermarket accessories also increase the vehicle’s value, often significantly. Should the vehicle be involved in an accident, those additional parts and accessories need to be protected.

Some insurance companies may offer the option to purchase “rider insurance.” Rider Insurance is a provision of an insurance policy that is purchased separately from the basic policy and provides additional benefits at additional costs. You can purchase a rider to cover all of the extra investments you have put into the vehicle.

What To Do:

  • Contact your insurance company.
  • Discuss your current coverage plan, and ask to modify it or to purchase a
  • It is important to document and keep track of any added parts; keep receipts and take pictures. Just in case.
  • Keep in mind that coverage limits play apply, and they often vary from state to state. For example, some insurance policies include up to $1,000 for accessories, and it is possible to acquire another $4,000 of coverage. However, some insurance policies do not offer that coverage.

D&S understands that automotive performance parts and accessories are notable investments. Don’t let that hold you back from having them installed, but remember to take the extra steps to acquire insurance and get them protected. Trust us, it’s worth it.

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