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How to Pick a Lift Kit for Your Jeep Wrangler

The Benefits of Professional Jeep Wrangler Lift Kit Installation


The Jeep Wrangler debuted in 1986 and now, 35 years later, remains one of the most popular models for Jeep enthusiasts. Car and Driver calls the Wrangler “Jeep’s most Jeep-like model,” and that may speak to why so many off-roaders continue to choose it. It is commonly included in top 10 off-road vehicle lists and celebrated for its high clearance, flexible suspension system, and 4-wheel drive.

If you are looking for a lift kit for your Wrangler, first think about why you want to lift it. You may want better ground clearance for off-roading, or you might care more about changing the aesthetics and attitude of your Jeep with the lift. Perhaps you want to do both! No matter your goals, we recommend following these steps:

Decide how you plan to use the lift.

Think about the type of terrain you are most likely to travel. Is it rough and rocky? Is it mostly grass? The rougher the terrain, the more complete suspension kit you will need. Next, think about what size of tires you would like to run on your Wrangler. These factors will be important as you decide the type and size of lift kit to install.

For a subtle lift, consider a budget boost kit.

One common type of Jeep lift kit is a budget boost kit. The way this kit works—specifically whether it uses blocks or spring spacers—will depend on the type of suspension system your Wrangler has. Older Wranglers, typically those made up until 1997, used leaf springs and will require the use of blocks. Newer Jeeps use coil springs. In that case, the coil springs will be removed to allow the insertion of a spacer above it. These kits typically give you a gain of about 2 inches, which provides some extra clearance to run bigger tires.

To prepare your Wrangler for serious off-roading, consider a spring-type kit.

This is a more complete suspension lift kit that includes new springs, shocks, and control arms. If you plan to spend a lot of time off-roading, you will want more capability and suspension to support your Wrangler’s weight and cargo. You may also want more than 1 to 2 inches of additional ground clearance. If that is the case, this would be our recommendation.

D&S Automotive performs high-quality Jeep Wrangler lift kit installation in Northeast Ohio. If you are ready to talk to a D&S Automotive accessory specialist about lifting your Wrangler, we are here to help. Reach out to our team today.

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