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How to Choose a Jeep Lift Kit

Picking the Right Lift for Your Jeep Lifestyle

Most Jeep owners, at some point, become interested in a lift kit. Why? Sometimes the answer is as simple as aesthetics. We find Jeep owners take pride in their vehicle and want to improve its visual appeal. We get it—we love the look of lifted Jeeps! In other cases, a lift kit is needed to provide more than a design enhancement. Jeep owners want better off-road clearance and suspension flexibility. So how do you choose which Jeep lift kit to install?

Think about how you use your Jeep.

Is off-roading a regular activity, or does your Jeep mainly see the highway during your weekly commute? If you do enjoy off-roading, what kind of landscape do you want to tackle? The majority of Jeep owners have multiple uses for their vehicle. They need their Jeep to serve the dual purpose of being safe and durable on the road as well as flexible enough to allow for off-roading activities.

Remember what a lift kit does.

A Jeep lift kit replaces the springs and shocks of your Jeep to increase its height. The primary purpose of a lift is then to increase the ground clearance of your Jeep so that you can off-road on tougher terrain. There are two main types of Jeep lift kits, though the first is much more common:

  • Suspension lifts, which increase the distance between your Jeep’s axles and frame.
  • Body lifts, which increase the distance between your Jeep’s frame and body.

Another important consideration is your desired tire size.

Jeep Wranglers, for example, can usually handle up to 33-inch tires without a lift. In that case, you might do a 1.5-inch boost at most to improve your Jeep’s aesthetics. If you want to upgrade to tires larger than 35 inches, you may need to lift your vehicle 2–3 inches or more. Keep in mind that if you go with a higher lift, you will likely need other modifications made to your Jeep, such as longer shocks or brake lines. Consider your budget and the cost of these additional modifications when selecting your lift kit height.

Plan on professional installation.

Experienced professionals, like the technicians at D&S Automotive, can help you select the right lift kit for your Jeep and install it properly. We’ll also make sure that any additional modifications are made to ensure your Jeep will perform whether you are heading to work or exploring new, rough terrain.

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