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Tow Hitch Installation

Steps to Getting Your Truck Ready to Haul

truck tow hitchIn Northeast Ohio, there are many reasons to install a tow hitch on your vehicle. For example, if you work in agriculture, you might need a hitch to haul your animal trailers or to pull big, heavy farm equipment. If you plow snow for your neighbors or as a seasonal job, you might attach a front-mounted hitch on your truck for the plow. Or maybe you just want a simple receiver hitch for a bike carrier so you can enjoy the local park trails and bike paths. Whatever the reason, D&S Automotive has you covered with quality hitches and professional tow hitch installation.

A tow hitch can also be referred to as a trailer hitch—it is any hitch that connects a tow vehicle and a trailer. The hitch can be a tow ball that can swivel, a tow pin, or a tow hook. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are selecting a hitch for your truck:

  • Know your realistic hauling needs. Truck hitches are divided into very specific hitch classifications based on the weight capacity of the trailer you intend to haul along with the hitch receiver opening size. It is important to determine what class of hitch will best suit your needs, whether you plan to haul a large camper or a lightweight cargo carrier.
  • Decide if you need extra clearance over the truck bed. For example, do you plan to haul a horse trailer? Many drivers choose fifth-wheel trailer hitches that are mounted above the truck bed for greater clearance and better stability on the road.
  • Ask a tow hitch specialist for assistance. When you dig into the many options available, the decision can quickly become overwhelming. Instead of guessing which specific brand, make, and model of hitch is right for your vehicle, ask an expert. The professionals at D&S Automotive have access to one of the largest selections of tow hitches in Greater Cleveland and can help you narrow down the best options for your truck.

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Getting Your Tow Hitch Installed in Northeast Ohio

D&S Automotive Offers Professional Truck Tow Hitch Installation

If you are wondering where you can get a tow hitch installed, the answer is D&S Automotive in Mentor. We are conveniently located to serve the Northeast Ohio region with experienced, high-quality, and accurate truck tow hitch installation services. Let us help you identify the best hitch for your towing needs, and then perform the installation. When your safety on the road depends on proper tow hitch installation, make sure it is done right—bring your truck to D&S Automotive.

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