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Receiver Hitch Installation

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Are you considering whether to add a receiver hitch to your vehicle? D&S Automotive offers a variety of hitches and towing accessories designed to meet the unique needs of your specific vehicle, truck, or trailer. A receiver hitch is the most common type of trailer hitch. It is bolted on the underside of your vehicle at the rear and provides a tube that can be used to attach a hitch accessory like a ball mount. Receiver hitches are divided into five classes defined by gross trailer weight, maximum weight capacity, receiver opening size, and several other factors. The team at D&S Automotive can help you determine which receiver hitch classification will be right for your vehicle depending on your towing and hauling needs.

Many vehicle owners find that receiver hitch installation is a practical and cost-effective investment. Once your vehicle is equipped for towing and hauling, you no longer need to borrow a relative’s truck or trailer to transport your outdoor recreational gear or equipment. You can increase your vehicle’s storage options and more easily haul a boat or cargo trailer holding bicycles on vacation—and those are just a few of many possibilities.

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Professional Receiver Hitch Installation in Northeast Ohio

Choose D&S Automotive to Get the Job Done Right

There are many reasons to choose professional receiver hitch installation for your truck or trailer. When you have an experienced company like D&S Automotive handle the job, you know that the install will be done with the highest quality and attention to detail possible. Our trained and experienced professionals will ensure your safety and the security of your load on the road.

Not only does D&S Automotive offer receiver hitch installation in Northeast Ohio, we also offer a variety of receiver hitch accessories from brands like B&W Trailer Hitches, Curt, and Draw-Tite. From ball mounts and hitch balls to tube covers, you will find everything you need for your vehicle’s hauling setup at D&S Automotive.

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