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Get the Right Estimate the First Time!


The myth is that insurance companies want you to get at least 3 separate estimates in the event of a collision. That’s just not the case for a collision center with the professional background that D&S Automotive has had for years.

The rule of thumb is to take your vehicle to a collision center that you trust. Get your car estimated somewhere you would take your car to get fixed or maintained before the accident occurred. Trust the center with a clean reputation, welcoming and knowledgeable professionals and someone who will take care of your vehicle.

With every estimate an adjustor has to come out and adjust whatever estimate we give them to the correct and most accurate prices. D&S Automotive has a great relationship with these adjusters. Our process for an estimate is so particular and so precise that adjusters know that it’s rare for D&S Automotive to give incorrect and overpriced estimates to collision customers.

If you ever find yourself in an incident, give us a call to use our Premier Services, which include towing and rental car services (We have Enterprise on-site), and we will get you the right estimate the first time.

An even easier way to get an estimate is to use our Mobile Estimate Tool. We get submissions in every day for a quick and easy estimate within 12 hours (It usually only takes about 30 minutes, but we like to give ourselves some time on busier days). All you have to do is take two or more photos, send it to us and we’ll get you an estimate ASAP. Try it out the next time you’re in an accident.


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