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From The Desk of CJ: Distracted Driving, Don’t Do It

As botCJh a collision shop professional and a father of three, it’s frightening to see the amount of people distracted by cell phones while driving.

As contradictive to my business as it sounds, any accident that can be avoided by simply putting down your cell phone, is a vehicle repair that D&S can do without. I see the results of accidents every day; it’s not pretty. I often wonder how many wrecked cars were the result of a distracted driver. I often wonder if anyone was harmed in the process.

As a father, it worries me to know that my wife and daughters share the road with distracted drivers. All it takes is one person, one second, and the unthinkable can happen.

Accidents happen all the time beyond our control; a deer hit, a patch of black ice. Texting and driving is a choice. A choice that puts yourself and others in harm’s way. According to the CDC, each day in the United States, more than nine people are killed, and more than 1,153 people are injured in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver. In 2015, traffic deaths have increased by 16 percent, a statistic that continues to rise.

It’s sad. It’s scary. Perhaps most of all, it’s senseless.

This month, from my desk, and from my heart, I ask you to please think twice before you use your cell phone while driving. It could save a life.

-CJ Paterniti

“From The Desk of CJ” is a monthly feature that will appear in the D&S Automotive Newsletter. Follow along as CJ Paterniti, D&S Vice President, shares his thoughts and expertise on the collision repair and automotive industries.

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