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From The Accessory Department: Rhino Lining Spray-In Truck Bed Liner

When it comes to protecting your investment, you and your vehicle deserve the best. A Rhino Lining spray-on bed liner will protect and preserve your truck bed, guaranteed. Lucky for you, Northeast Ohio’s source for aftermarket accessories, D&S Automotive, is an authorized Rhino Lining applicator.


Not familiar with Rhino Lining, or just want to know more? D&S can answer any and all of your questions. 

What is a Rhino Liner?
Made from a premium quality, 100% solid elastomeric polyurethane material, A Rhino Lining is a hard, spray-on varnish that protects the surfaces of truck beds and other automotive products. Sound tough? Check out this Rhino Liner wall blast test from the Discovery Channel.

What makes a Rhino Linings spray-in bed liner better than a drop-in bed liner?
A spray-on liner provides better protection than a drop-in bed liner. A Rhino Lining adheres directly to the bed, providing permanent protection from water, ice or other elements that could build up under the liner and cause rust or corrosion.IMG_4575

A drop-in liner rests in the truck bed, and does not completely form to the walls of the bed. Without that permanent grip, it makes it easy for a drop-in liner to move around and wear the bed’s paint. Not to mention it can allow room for elements to linger, potentially causing damage and corrosion.

Can I put a Rhino Lining on something other than a truck?
Yes. Rhino Linings can be applied to almost anything. At D&S, we have applied Rhino Linings to metal bumpers, grille guards, ladder racks, and rocker panels of trucks, cars and jeeps.

How much does a Rhino Liner cost?
The cost of a Rhino Liner varies depending on bed size; the larger the bed, the higher the price.  If you are looking to have it applied to something other than a truck bed, please contact us for pricing. Shop truck bed rhino linings on our website.

IMG_5730How long does the application process take?
From start to finish, a Rhino Liner application will take approximately five to six hours. On most occasions, you can drop your vehicle off in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon.



How long will a Rhino Liner last?
A Rhino Liner is designed to last forever, but just in case, D&S offers a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your vehicle.

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