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Factory Bed Liners Continue to Fail

About as fast as consumers made the decision to get a spray-in bed liner from the factory is about as fast as they’re coming to D&S Automotive to have them replaced.

Over the last six months, we have replaced nearly a dozen spray-in bed liners from the factory. After the most recent replacement, we decided to get the message out. That message; STOP getting factory spray-in bed liners!

Unlike D&S Automotive, Northeast Ohio’s leader in Rhino Linings, manufacturers are cutting corners to apply unknown brands of spray-in bed liner. We tried to find out what they are applying, but our efforts were unsuccessful.

Compounding the issue of a lesser quality material is the lack of preparation of the beds. When removing the factory liners, we have come to find that there is very little preparation done to the beds before application. Manufacturers are not preparing the bed for the best adhesion results, nor removing factory items such as bolts, lights, etc. D&S Automotive has years of experience applying spray-in bed liners so you can trust us to do it right for maximum durability. We make sure to remove these items to sand the beds in order to create a surface ready for greater adhesion. However, the manufacturers are only using a bonding agent. This obviously doesn’t create a strong enough bond, as our Rhino Linings technician has been removing them with ease.

Lastly, when considering spray-in bed liners, you must consider warranty and cost. A bed liner from manufacturers are typically covered under warranty for three years and 36,000 miles, while a Rhino Linings comes with a lifetime guarantee. Furthermore, they are offering all of this for roughly the same price as a Rhino Linings from D&S Automotive would cost. For example, in a short-bed truck, both Dodge and Ford offer a factory spray-in bed liner for $495. When choosing D&S for the same truck, your spray-in liner will similarly be approximately a $500 investment.

Know the facts. What are you putting in your truck? Rhino Linings from D&S is a stronger material and is applied with the proper preparation to ensure the lining does the job and remains durable. Want proof? Try peeling up your factory liner, then call D&S for your Rhino Lining.


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