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Drive Into Summer With These Vehicle Upgrades

Protect Your Vehicle With Rain Guards, Bumpers, and More

featured products on trucks: rain guards and running boards

There is nothing like a Northeast Ohio summer: warm days, cool nights, and clear skies. Off-roading enthusiasts, including those of us at D&S Automotive, are gearing up their Jeeps and trucks to hit the trails. Before you take your vehicle out for its first run of the season, consider whether it is time to make some upgrades. We have a variety of choices that will improve your ride’s performance, protect it against damage, or give it a bold new look.


Truck Rain Guards and Bug Deflectors

What’s one given during a Cleveland summer? There are always unexpected rain showers—and sometimes heavy downpours. If you love driving with the windows open no matter the weather, truck rain guards would be a great upgrade. These guards deflect the rain from your vehicle, protecting its interior. With rain guards, you do not need to worry about whether you left your car’s windows open during a pop-up thunderstorm—your car’s interior will be safe from damage.

Bug deflectors are another ideal investment for Northeast Ohio vehicle owners. Even during a short drive, many mosquitoes and other bugs come into contact with your windshield. What if you could keep your windshield much cleaner while on the road? Hood deflectors are the answer: They alter the airflow to direct insects and other debris away from your hood and your windshield.


Aftermarket Bumpers for Jeeps and Trucks

One of the most popular upgrades for off-roading vehicles is aftermarket bumpers. When you replace your Jeep or truck’s factory bumpers with stronger steel bumpers, you are giving your vehicle significantly more protection on the trails. If you scrape a rock or misjudge a turn and hit a tree, a steel bumper can withstand the damage much better than a factory bumper. An investment in aftermarket bumper installation contributes to your vehicle’s overall protection, as well as its recovery. If you get stuck in the mud, a steel bumper secured to your vehicle’s frame gives a friend a safe way to secure a towing winch and pull you out of harm’s way.


Truck Running Boards

If you are looking for an upgrade that gives your truck a new look along with some additional functions, running boards are a great choice. Have them installed at D&S Automotive this summer so they will be ready to go for Northeast Ohio’s off-road season. Go rugged or sleek and refined with a variety of choices from top brands like AMP PowerStep, Lund Truck Accessories, Romik, and more.


Shop D&S Automotive for Quality Accessories

From running boards and bumpers to bug deflectors and rain guards, D&S Automotive has all the vehicle upgrades you need this summer. The automotive specialists at our Mentor location are ready to help you find the best accessories for your Jeep, truck, or other vehicle.


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