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Does My Truck Need a Bed Liner?

Choosing Between Drop-In and Spray-On Bed Liners


Rhino Spray-On Liner in truck bed


Q: “I am buying my first truck—a new Ram 1500—next month! Will I need a bed liner? Is there a big difference between drop-in liners and spray-on liners?” – JK, Middlefield, Ohio

A: Congratulations, that truck is a real beauty! As to whether you need a bed liner, think of it this way: trucks are meant to haul things. Your truck bed will take a beating, no matter how careful you are. Liners offer protection not only from the elements but from potential cracks, chips, or dents. Let’s explore this a bit more as well as address your question of choosing between drop-in and spray-on bed liners. 


The Benefits of Truck Bed Liner Protection

As we noted above, trucks are designed to transport and haul things, from raw materials like gravel to big equipment or furniture. You might take added precautions to deliberately move things in and out of your truck bed with care, but the reality is that while driving, anything in your truck bed can move around and cause damage. If it is not protected, the paint and surface of your truck bed will quickly deteriorate. 

Whether you need a truck bed liner actually comes down to a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • Do you plan to use your truck for hauling or transporting?
  • Will your truck bed be exposed to the elements in Northeast Ohio?
  • Would you like your truck bed to be protected against cracks, chips, or dents?

We’re guessing that most truck owners in Greater Cleveland will answer “yes” to all of the above. If that is the case for you, you should definitely invest in a bed liner for your truck.


The Advantages of Rhino Spray-On Liners

There are two main types of bed liners. Drop-in liners, typically made of rubber or plastic, offer some protection at a low cost. However, rubber and plastic do not stand up well to the elements, so even though the cost might be initially cheaper than a spray-on liner, you will be replacing your drop-in liner much more frequently. Also consider that some plastic models are prone to allowing water to seep between the liner and the bed of your truck, causing rust and corrosion.

In our opinion, nothing beats the durability and the design appeal of a spray-on bed liner. While drop-in liners can become loose, spray-on bed liners are applied directly to the surface of your truck. This also greatly reduces the chances of rust and corrosion. Our top choice for spray-on bed liners in Northeast Ohio is Rhino Linings

What sets Rhino spray-on bed liners apart?

  • Reduces noise from vibration caused by drop-in liners
  • Offers slip, impact, corrosion, and chemical resistance
  • Weatherproof
  • Provides long-lasting durability


If you care about protecting your truck, consider installing the best spray-on liner available. Contact the D&S Automotive team to install a Rhino Linings bed liner in your vehicle. Contact us today to schedule your spray-on liner installation online.

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