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Browns Tailgating Survival Guide


Every tailgating experience is different but only one thing is for certain, we love our Brownies and they will never disappoint us. Mostly because it’s the same thing every year. The factory of sadness is here to stay. But either way, we Browns fans love, and I mean LOVE tailgating for the games. We’re known as some of the best fans in the land and we take our Browns fanning very seriously.

This survival guide is here to give you tips of the trade. Tailgating can be very fun but also very challenging to navigate. D&S is here to help!

  1. Know Your Place

This is probably the most important tip. Certain people in the Muni Lot have their traditional parking spots. You don’t ever want to be caught up in the wrong spot in the lot. Park on the far side near the entrance and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Get There Early!

Tailgating starts at the crack of dawn in Cleveland. If you want to get in all the fun possible before the game starts,get downtown at least by 7 am. The lots will be almost full by then and you won’t want to sit in traffic. If you want to come later be prepared for long lines on the high way and little to no parking spots, whatsoever.

Truck Bed After

  1. Have Your Car Tailgate Ready

If you have a hatchback, be sure that you have everything ready inside your car and make sure it is clean. If you’re bringing a truck, have Rhino Lining on your tailgate so that nothing can mess with your truck bed.

  1. Come Hungry

Food is a huge part of football games and tailgating. Being hungry while tailgating is sometimes excruciating (especially with all of the drinking). Plan for snacks and lunch throughout the morning. Chips and dip are always good to have around but other ideas are chili, hot dogs, and burgers. A travel grill is very useful and sometimes necessary. Invest in one, and you’ll be happy.

  1. Sharing is Caring

Many people walk to and fro throughout the morning up until the start of the game. Sharing pre-game snacks is a casual and nice thing to do for your new friends and neighbors. Bring enough to feed everyone in your party and then some.

  1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Police and security guards are there to protect everyone before the game. If you act a fool, get ready to be treated like one by everyone tailgating. Respect security, respect police, and everything will go swimmingly.

  1. Red Solo Cup is a Necessity

Open container is not allowed for tailgating. Most fans hide their alcohol in less conspicuous ways to avoid being arrested. However, most people use the trusty Red Solo Cup for their needs and no police officer or security guard bats an eye.

  1. Cleveland Weather

The one thing my uncle Pat always said about Cleveland, “The people are great, the weather is terrible.” This is mostly true, but the most important thing to note is that Cleveland weather is completely unpredictable. Wear your Browns gear, but also prepare for the weather because you could be wearing shorts and a jersey one week, and boots and a parka the next.

  1. These Boots Were Made for Walking

While some people stay in one spot while tailgating, you’ll eventually have to walk to the stadium or to your favorite spot to watch the game. Make sure you have on some comfy shoes or boots to wear that won’t kill your feet.

  1. Here We Go Brownies, Here We Go! Woof Woof!

Lastly, have fun and continue to be a proud Browns fan and forever love our Cleveland Browns.

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