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Beware: It’s Deer Season!

Ohio drivers beware! The risk is high now that fall is finally here and deer are running rampant on the road. Below are some driving tips for you when you spot deer in your vehicle. Some of these tips are common sense and others can really keep you safe in the event of a collision. Read up for the fall and into the winter to stay safe.

Be sure to drive with EXTREME caution (And we mean extreme!). Going slow is the number one tip for driving along wooded areas or places with families of deer. Being alert and driving slow are the best ways to avoid a collision.

Since deer are pack animals, there are usually more than one deer on the road. If you see one, expect more close by. Deer can dart out into traffic without any indication. Deer are very unpredictable animals and will go wherever they want. Even in the middle of the road, right in front of your vehicle.

If you are about to hit a deer, try not to swerve. Maintain control of the vehicle and stay in your lane. Swerving or any other alternative could be much worse, not only for you, but other drivers as well.

Breeding season for deer is October to January and most crashes occur from October through December. Using high beams at night can help since most deer come out as dawn and at dusk.

Any way you can be more careful in this season can help you not be in a collision. However, if you find yourself in a collision with a deer, call your insurance company within 24 hours and then call D&S Automotive. We’ll pick up your car, drop off a rental, repair your vehicle and do anything else you need to make this process as easy as possible.

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