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BDS Suspension Lift Kits Guide

A Guide to BDS Suspension Lift Kits


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Take Your Jeep, Truck, or Off-Road Vehicle to the Next Level

BDS Suspension is a well-known brand and the market leader in suspension lift kits, body kits, and leveling kits for Jeeps, trucks, and SUVs. D&S Automotive is proud to be a licensed BDS Suspension dealer in Northeast Ohio, connecting off-road enthusiasts with the top products you need to take your vehicle to the next level. BDS Suspension, along with their JKS Manufacturing and Zone Offroad brands, offers everything you need to enhance your vehicle’s look and feel, improve its safety, and prepare for some serious off-roading.

Customization Is Key

Shopping for a lift kit may seem like a straightforward task but there are a lot of factors involved. What vehicle do you drive? What kind of off-roading do you like to do? What look are you trying to achieve? These questions and more will help D&S Automotive find the right BDS Suspension products for your ride. The beauty of BDS Suspension lift kits is that they are highly customizable. There are plenty of upgrades, add-ons, and customizations available to precisely fit your vehicle and give you everything you want in a lift kit.

Your Choice of Aftermarket Off-Road Accessories

BDS Suspension offers virtually every aftermarket product you might need or want to enhance your vehicle’s off-roading capabilities and performance. Their products include:
Lift and Leveling Kits:

  • Designed to increase your vehicle’s ground clearance and allow for larger wheels
  • Highly customizable suspension lift kits for Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Ford, Hummer, Jeep, Mazda, Nissan, Suzuki, Geo, and Toyota
  • Aftermarket 4X4 parts and Jeep accessories including everything from adjustable drag links and pitman arms to track bar relocation kits


Shocks and Coilovers:

  • Designed for precise customization and adjustability to your vehicle’s specifications
  • Reduce body roll when taking turns and cornering at high speeds
  • Stabilize your vehicle’s movements
  • Products include hydraulic shock and gas absorbers to shock boots


Steering Stabilizers:

  • NX2 Nitro Series designed for better control and vehicle-specific valving for Ford, Chevy/GMC, Dodge/RAM, Toyota, and Jeep
  • Offer high-end performance at a cost-effective price
  • Work with all BDS Suspension lift kits
  • Designed to make swapping over existing shocks easy


Industry-Leading Warranty

BDS Suspension offers two simple and straightforward warranties, including a “No Fine Print Warranty” for any product that breaks. It is easy to understand and protects the purchaser against any breakage, bending, sagging, or usage failure with the product. They also offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty for any wearable items—like steering stabilizer cylinders and ball joints—that protect against any defect in material and workmanship. The bottom line is this: When you purchase a BDS Suspension product, you have the peace of mind that your purchase is backed by an industry-leading warranty.


Your Choice for BDS Suspension Products

BDS Suspension holds their products to a very high standard of quality—and they expect the same commitment to excellence from their dealers. In fact, they are known to work with only the most respected and knowledgeable off-road enthusiasts, like all of us at D&S Automotive. We are proud to distribute their lift kits and compatible accessories and are ready to help you find the best products for your vehicle.

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