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Answering Your Questions About Remote Starts

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Many customers have questions about remote starts, and we understand why: This vehicle upgrade almost seems too good to be true, especially for Northeast Ohio drivers. To be able to remotely start your engine and cool your car on a hot day—or melt the snow and ice on a frigid winter morning—is a huge benefit. But is it safe? Does it use too much gas? We’re answering these questions and more below.


How does a remote engine start work?

Let’s start with the most basic question: How exactly does a remote start work? When you install a remote starter system in your vehicle, you will be able to turn your engine on and off with the push of a button. The system itself will vary depending on your unique vehicle make and model, but all remote starts include these basic components:

  • A control module that connects the remote start function to the vehicle
  • A bypass module that lets the remote start work with the factory-installed security system
  • A unique series of wires that connects the remote start to your vehicle
  • A remote transmitter, the handheld device that you use to control your remote start


How much gas does a remote start use?

There is a misconception that remote starters use a lot of gas. According to Compustar, most cars warm up in about 3 to 5 minutes, which uses an average of 0.015 gallons of gas. Using this estimation, they predict it will take approximately 75 remote starts for you to burn a gallon of gas. In our opinion, that is not a bad trade-off for the benefits of a remote engine start.


Can a remote start cause problems?

A properly installed remote starter system should not cause any problems and should last for years to come. We recommend professional remote start installation by experienced and knowledgeable automotive technicians who know the ins and outs of your vehicle and are very familiar with all of the components of the remote start system. This helps to prevent any potential problems due to faulty wiring or improper installation. 


Do you need a remote start?

A remote start is definitely a convenience item, but once you have it installed, you will wonder how you went so long without it—kind of like heated seats. The first time you press the button to remotely start your engine and melt the snow off your windshield, you will realize just how great the benefits are for Northeast Ohioans. Remote starts can also help reduce wear and tear on your engine’s motor in the winter.


How long does installation take?

D&S Automotive can install your remote start within 3-5 hours. We take great care and pride in our remote start installation, ensuring it is done right to keep you and your vehicle safe.


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