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Jeep Winches and Accessories

Prepare Your Ride for Off-Roading

A winch is a device that uses wound cable or rope for pulling and is most often mounted to your Jeep’s bumper. Jeep off-roading enthusiasts invest in a solid winch to make sure they are ready for anything the terrain throws at them.

The next time you get stuck in a ditch or see a friend who could use a rescue from some particularly rough road, you will be glad you contacted D&S Automotive to professionally install a winch. A winch is something you may not think you need until you really need it. That is what makes it such an essential Jeep accessory for off-roading.

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Types of Jeep Winch Accessories

Jeep winches typically use cable or rope and a motor. Along with the winch system itself, there are other accessories that come in handy. D&S Automotive offers many winch accessories, ranging from devices that help secure your winch in place to other products that offer your winch protection from the elements. Common accessories include:

  • Cables and ropes
  • Fairleads
  • Replacement parts
  • Mounting plates
  • Covers
  • Bumpers

What to Expect

If you call on D&S Automotive for any professional installation or service, you can count on our quality. We use care in everything we do, including the installation of your winch and any accessories. Drop your Jeep off, let us do the hard work, and pick it up ready to go and ready to hit those off-roads.

  • Jeep winches typically have a 2-hour installation time.

Get More Information

You want the best for your Jeep, and we want the best for you. If you have questions about selecting a winch product or want to speak to an accessory specialist, please feel free to reach out to our team. You can call or visit our showroom at 7588 Tyler Boulevard in Mentor.

Products Customers Purchase With Jeep Winches