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Benefits of WeatherTech Floor Mats

All-Weather Protection

Your car’s interior faces many challenges every day. Spilled coffee and fumbled snacks or tracked-in mud, water or road salt can quickly leave stains on your floor’s upholstery. Not to mention, rips, snags and other wear and tear that your floor endures daily.

WeatherTech floor mats have become increasingly popular, as they use advanced technology to shield your car floor from daily wear-and-tear to keep your interior looking like new. While universal floor mats can prevent some damage to your car, WeatherTech’s custom design and durable material provides for the best protection while maintaining a stylish seamless look.

Protects Resale Value

Many factors influence the resale value of your vehicle; miles, exterior condition, maintenance history, collision background and of course, its interior condition. That’s where WeatherTech floor mats come in to keep your vehicle’s floor stain free and looking new.

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Custom fit

Weathertech floor liners and mats are laser measured to protect the front, back and sides of your vehicle’s footwell. This advanced custom fit gives your interior carpet the best protection, while maintaining a factory-like, consistently perfect fit.

Custom vs. Universal

Universal Floor mats come in rubber, vinyl and heavy duty carpet options and are designed to handle moisture, dirt, mud and grease. They are made to fit in virtually any kind of vehicle and provide only protection for the areas that they cover.

Unlike universal mats, custom floor mats and liners are built specific to your car’s footwells. Because of the precise fit, they offer more coverage, meaning more protection. Able to handle any type of spill or debris, custom floor mats feature raised edges to contain liquid and keep from leaking onto the carpet.

Advanced Surface Channels

WeatherTech mats feature a system of surface channels designed to carry fluids and debris to a lower reservoir to minimize fluid movement while driving. Once the fluid is away from your shoes and clothing, it can easily be removed over the door sill.

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Durable Material

WeatherTeach liners are made with a high-density tri-extruded material that is durable, and rigid in strength, while also providing friction to the carpet to keep it from moving once placed in the vehicle. The material is engineered to withstand all temperatures and keep from curling and cracking even in the coldest months.

Manufactured in America

WeatherTech’s entire line of car floor mats and other products are made in America. Headquartered in Bolingbrook, IL, WeatherTech is committed to their made-in-America promise, all the way down to their suppliers. Virtually every machine in the company’s plants is made by an American tool supplier.

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