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Fleet Tracking

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fleet tracking

Fleet tracking systems allow you to monitor your company’s fleet of vehicles with a simple dashboard from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Your vehicles can be located from the office, no matter where in the world they are at any given time. By utilizing a GPS fleet tracking system, you will improve communication with drivers, increase company profits, and maintain higher security.

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The Benefits

There are several benefits to employing fleet tracking for your business. From lowering fuel costs, to increasing safety, if your company has a fleet of vehicles on the road, fleet tracking is a must.

  • reduce fuel costs - fleet tracking

    Lower Fuel Costs

  • reduce theft - fleet tracking

    Eliminate Theft/Waste

  • lower labor cost - fleet tracking

    Lower Labor Costs

  • reduce maintenance cost - fleet tracking

    Reduce Maintenance Cost

  • monitoring vehicle - fleet tracking

    Monitor Fleet Activity

  • improve safety - fleet tracking

    Improve Safety


At D&S Automotive, we are quality driven. That is why we put great care into your fleet tracking installation to make sure that it is done right. Just drop off your vehicles and pick them up transformed and ready to go.

  • Fleet Tracking Installations start at $300 per vehicle (6-10 vehicles) and $365 per vehicle (1-5 vehicles). If you have more then 10 vehicles, call for pricing.*
  • Next Business day Installation (if made before 3 pm the previous day)
  • 3 hour installation time per vehicle

* Cost may vary if PTO tracking is required. 10% off for Farm Bureau Members and US Veterans.

Stop into D&S Automotive to learn more about our fleet tracking solutions and speak with an accessory specialist about which GPS tracking package will work best for you.

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