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$50 off Leveling Kit Promotion

Discount on Leveling Kit

Save on Your Suspension With D&S

It is time you started seeing the world around you differently—or at least from a new height. D&S Automotive is now offering $50 off of your leveling kit up to 2.5”. Not only will you save on your new enhancement, you will also rest assured knowing that it has been installed by a team of automotive experts.

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What Are the Benefits of a Leveling Kit?

Although leveling kits do not provide major increased ground clearance, they do provide clearance to make major aesthetic upgrades to your vehicle. With the elevation the leveling kit provides, you can add those larger tires and wheels that you have had your eye on.

Beyond aesthetics, leveling kits open the door to some opportunities you might have not considered, like making the install of a plow to the front fender or a trailer to the back of your truck possible for your side hustles.

Time to treat your car to those much-deserved enhancements. Contact the D&S Automotive team today and get your leveling kit install on the calendar.