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3 Things To Know About Tonneau Covers

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The Benefits of Tonneau Covers

Truck owners in Northeast Ohio know that if they want to maintain their vehicle’s look and performance, they have to protect it. A major component of your truck that requires protection is the truck bed and its contents. While a bed liner will offer long-lasting coverage and protect the truck bed against wear and tear, you still need to protect your cargo. To do that, D&S Automotive recommends choosing from a variety of tonneau covers.

Tonneau covers provide added security for your vehicle.

Tonneau covers help to secure your cargo while you are driving. They also provide water protection and can improve the look and feel of your truck. These covers come in many different options, ranging from soft, hard, foldable, and retractable styles. An accessory specialist at D&S Automotive can help you select the best type of tonneau bed cover for your truck based on your typical hauling needs, your budget, and the look you are trying to achieve.

Tonneau covers can improve your vehicle’s fuel mileage.

Tonneau covers are not only an investment in protecting your truck but they can also reduce your gas costs. When truck beds are open, they trap airflow and create a heavier drag on your vehicle—that drag hurts your vehicle’s fuel mileage. With a tonneau cover in place, drag is reduced and fuel mileage is improved, which typically means more savings at the gas pump.

Tonneau covers are the perfect complement to a spray-on bed liner.

We strongly recommend installing both a spray-on bed liner like Rhino Linings along with a tonneau cover. A Rhino Linings bed liner will weatherproof and protect your truck bed, and the tonneau cover will protect your cargo. Together, this dynamic duo will offer you comprehensive protection and peace of mind that both your vehicle and your belongings are safe while you are on the road.

Protect Your Truck With a Tonneau Cover


D&S Automotive Is Northeast Ohio’s Choice for Tonneau Cover Installation


We have more than 20 years of experience helping clients in Northeast Ohio select the right tonneau cover for their truck based on their unique needs and wants. When you bring your vehicle to D&S Automotive, you not only benefit from our wide product selection but also our high-quality installation. Let us help you protect your truck with a tonneau cover today.


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