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17 Winter Driving Tips to Get You to Where You’re Going

  1. Set a reasonable pace. Expectations should stay low in changing weather systems.
  2. Plan around traffic. You know when rush hours are so travel around those hours to miss the heavier traffic. Travelling 10 am to about 3 pm is a good idea as well as late at night or early in the morning.
  3. Cell phone and charger for the car. You never know when you’re going to need to call for assistance. It’s also always a great idea to tell your hosts when you’ll be there or for directions.
  4. Map and GPS. I’ve found that carrying a map in my car really helps in case my cell service is bad or my phone dies unexpectedly. Be sure to have that phone charger from the previous tip! Trust me.
  5. Extra windshield washer fluid. If you hit a storm, you’ll need it! Bring extra as well in your backseat in case you run out.
  6. Have an ice scraper handy. This is an obvious one. Our recent post on Facebook showed you which states will give you a fine for not scraping off ice or clearing your car of snow.
  7. Winter survival kit. Read our blog post about the best survival kit in your car for winter.
  8. WeatherTech Mats. These mats are for more than just keeping your car clean.
  9. Slow down. Our motto at D&S Automotive and Defender Auto Glass is, “Ice and snow. Go slow!” Follow that tip and you’ll be just fine on those winter roads.
  10. Know the weather forecast. Weather changes can happen in an instant. Check the weather forecast frequently and know what you’re getting into before you drive.
  11. Fill up often. You don’t want to be the one walking through the snow to get to the nearest gas station to fill up. Never run below a ¼ tank while on the road and you’ll save yourself a nasty trip.
  12. Always clear off ice and snow. This is a big one for windows and windshields. Windshields are more prone to splinters in the winter because of the cold and heat from your car fluctuating so rapidly. Scrape off any ice to prevent broken windows. Don’t roll down your windows if they have ice on them either. You could potentially break your window’s mechanisms if you do not scrape off the ice on your car.
  13. Know how to brake in the snow. There are two basic methods and the one you should use depends on your vehicle. If you have ABS brakes and you have to brake in slippery conditions, push hard on the pedal and leave your foot there until you stop. You’ll notice a vibration and noise as the system does the work for you.If you don’t have ABS brakes, you’ll need to pump the brakes to keep your car moving in a straight line.
  14. Rock, don’t spin. If your car gets stuck, rock your car, don’t spin your wheels. To do this, pump on the accelerator and then let go so that your car rocks back and forth. You will eventually get out.
  15. Turning off traction control when necessary. Traction control is great in most conditions but if you’re at a dead stop and stuck in snow it is your enemy. Turn the traction control off temporarily while you get moving
  16. Take a break. If you get tired on the road, it’s not worth it to drive on unsafe, snowy and icy roads.
  17. Don’t wear bulky boots. It’s hard to drive if you have on bulky boots. Don’t get your shoes stuck under a gas pedal. You might even fall out of your car if you have too big of boots. Who knows?

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